The Power of Respect: Changing the Lives of Others

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To respect all people is to appreciate them as individuals who are created in the same image of God which you were also created. Simply put, our responsibility is to acknowledge the divine value within every human being we encounter, whether in the home, the workplace, or the community.

The excellent quality of respect should be practiced by every person, regardless of status or fame in the world. No one is so important that he or she is exempt form showing respect. From the president of the United States to the executive on Wall Street, respect needs to be shown to the homeless man on the corner as well as the drug addict looking for another fix. All people deserve respect. All people were made in God’s image.

Respect encourages good will toward everyone. If people everywhere would practice this outstanding quality, the world would be a place where everyone would feel less defensive in the presence of others and would be more willing to express their ideas and dreams without fear of condemnation by anyone. A sense of freedom and acceptance would rule.

A respectful person would treat others with:

  • Kindness
  • Fairness
  • Tolerance
  • Forgiveness
  • Belief in the divinity of people

Treating others with these qualities will transform an entire home, workplace, school classroom or neighborhood. When you practice respect, you not only honor the humanity of others, but you also celebrate your own dignity.

Developing an Attitude of Respect

A person who desires to become respectful must first acknowledge that his or her attitude has been less than considerate of the person of others.  Most of the time we ignore others if they are not on our side or if they fail to cater to our wants and needs.

For example, we may ignore them when we should be speaking to them. We may spread rumors about them due to what they believe. We may reject them because of their race or culture. Our attitudes and behavior toward the people we disrespect become obvious as we interact with them. Eventually, the entire universe knows it and it is reflected in our negative expressions.

Therefore, avoid all appearances of making others feel unworthy of receiving our time or attention.

We must discover those places within our character in which we act disrespectfully toward others and handle it until the behavior is no longer a reality in our expression. This will take time and patience as we constantly challenge our behavior habits and routines.

Ignoring the Perception of Weakness

Getting on the bandwagon of respect will cost us our tough image or make us appear weak in the eyes of others as well as our own eyes. However, to respect another human being, even though we may have been wronged, shows great inner strength and character.

Positives of Acting respectfully

  • Strength of character
  • Inspiring personality
  • Role model
  • Attraction of Good
  • Health vibes
  • Growth mentality

Negatives of Acting Disrespectfully

  • Weakness of character
  • Negative tension
  • Conflictual mentality
  • Unhealthy vibes

We can agree that with respect is greater than not to respect. The most effective thing about respecting others is that you grow as a person. Positive opportunities and doors of good fortune will swing wide open when you acknowledge the divinity within others.

From no own refuse to the urge to show disrespect toward humanity. Good will toward our neighbors are becoming rarer as the spirit of kindness becomes less bright. We must help add much needed light via respect so that the possibility of transforming our homes, workplaces and communities can become an everlasting reality.


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