How to make this Year’s Thanksgiving Transformative


Thanksgiving is that time of year when families gather around the table to partake of a deliciously prepared Thanksgiving meal consisting of Turkey and accessories or some other tasty dish. In a state of sameness, relatives get together once a year set down and talk about the current happenings, while the aroma of mouthwatering food cooking in the kitchen dominates the atmosphere.

However, why not make your thanksgiving more exciting and memorable? Do something out of the ordinary. Shake up the status quo this holiday season.  Relatives may call you crazy. But who cares. You’ll have fun and you’ll never forget it.

The article will provide a few life changing tips to make your Thanksgiving more exciting and memorable, not only to you but also for your friends and relatives.


Invite a struggling family within your neighborhood over for a Thanksgiving dinner.


Almost in every neighborhood, you can find a family suffering from some type of challenge. It doesn’t have to be any type of food and shelter.  All people need to experience a sense of belonging.  All people need someone to say” I care about your and I want to give you some of my time.”


Share long denied forgiveness

Create a circle of forgiveness. Have people reconcile with relatives and in-laws that have been in conflict for years.  In all families, the rivalry among siblings, between mother in son in law or Daughter in law and mother are extremely intense.  However, you can make this a Thanksgiving in which everyone releases their grievances.

Such a daring course of action will go a long way in freeing the atmosphere of tension and releasing a sense of peace and freedom.


Take a family walk through the neighborhood and bless every home.

The idea of taking your entire family on an on a love walk through out the neighborhood on Thanksgiving may seem for out of the box, but the act of blessing others should be as common as summer flowers in May and June.

The act of one family blessing other families in the neighborhood is a magnificent gesture, the first steps to creating a sense of unity and peace among neighbors.  After all, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for life and those who are around you.

Taking walks through the neighborhood should be an unashamed priority for all families who desire to promote peace and harmony in the world.

Shake up things up this Thanksgiving.  Make this holiday more than an event for eating a delicious dinner and engaging in casual conversations.  Make the day both transformative and memorable for a world in need of love and togetherness.


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