Creating a New Addiction-How to Make Your Man Addicted to You


A dynamic, sustainable relationship should be filled with magnetism, continual growth, and excitement.  A woman who desires to take her relationship with her man to the next level will consistently reveal new layers of her attitude and personality toward the love of her life.

A relationship built on magnetism and growth will remain attractive for as long as a woman desires, and that just may be forever.

As a life coach and relationship counselor, I have witnessed the ups and downs of many couples who desired to keep their relationship fresh and exciting. Those who succeeded involved women who knew the technigues necessary to possess the mind and soul of their husbands.

One quality that  these women had in common was the charisma of sweetness.  They knew how to sweep their boyfriends or spouses off their feet via the power of sweetness. Believe it or not, a woman’s sweetness is truly a man’s weakness.

The Power of Sweetness

A woman who knows how to wield the power of sweetness keeps the relationships filled with newness, growth, and excitement.  However, the sweetness does not mean weakness. A sweet woman is a strong woman, with a knack for empowering her man whenever he is down and out or whenever he needs comfort from a harsh world.

Don’t be fooled by the rough and tough facade portrayed by men.  Most men put on a macho appearance just to keep from appearing weak to other men.  But deep within they desire an antidote of sweetness from the women they love.

Relationships fail because the excitement and newness that empowered the togetherness have ceased to exist. Either one or both people have stopped growing, stopped being exciting and have stopped applying the degree of sweetness necessary to sustain the union.

Know When His Thrill for You is fading

Factors that Indicate that the love and enthusiasm he had for you is fading. You stop expressing sweetness:

  • In words
  • In Touch
  • In gifts and surprises
  • In ‘Saying I will always love you.”
  • In smiling sweetly
  • In perfume and dress
  • In intimate images
  • In the expression of physical intimacy
  • In other interests beside him

The Mystery in You

The last indication may be somewhat contradictory. However, a woman who is interested in doing other things besides just hanging out with her man keeps the relationship mysterious, exciting and new. Her man becomes addicted to her because she is doesn’t appear to need him for her ultimate happiness, though she cares deeply for him.

Take a mother of does it all. She goes to work. She keeps her home in tip top shape. She keeps her girlfriends informed. She has her own little business. Nevertheless, when she sees her children she runs to them with excitement and joy. They are glad to see her. They delight in the nourishment and sweetness she gives them. She makes sure their utmost needs are met.

A man is the same way. Although he is strong physically, he is like a child needed all the sweetness, love and intimacy he can get. If you can give him these things, you will have a man that is addicted to your love forever.

Fostering Your Man’s Addiction for Your Love

So instead of wondering why your man is not addicted to you, why not start doing those things almost guaranteed to make this a dream come true.

To get started, you must first prioritize your relationship. For now, let the things you say and do contribute to the intimacy between you and your man. Begin showering your man with the most effective, influential qualities, as far as strong relationships are concerned.


Give you man all the appreciation he needs. If you are a woman who complains 24/7 the quality of your relationship is probably near the point of desolation.  However, the weapon of appreciation will bring it back.

A man wants to be feel appreciated the same as a woman does.  He wants to know that what he does, even if it fails, matters to you and that you have his back at all times.  Such sweet-sounding promises are full of great empowerment.


To Complain about nearly everything you man does or don’t do will kill all the affection and intimacy your man has for you. But you sweet affection will melt the coldness of his heart and open it up to the beauty of the world around you and him.

Affection toward your man will strengthen his heart with trust and a willingness to do whatever it takes to please you.

Not only be affectionate with your touch, let the sweetness of your voice leave him hypnotized both before bedtime and in the morning before you part ways to begin the day.


Get behind you man in all that he decides to do.  Believe in his dreams and support him in achieving them every step of the way.  Many strong women are responsible for the outstanding accomplishments of great men.

A supportive woman empowers a man to be all that he can be. When she has his back, there is nothing that the world can do to stop him from attempting the impossible.

Making your man addicted to your love forever is no easy task. Everyday must be a day you dedicate your powers of sweetness to building his love and affection toward you. But if you are willing to earn his loyalty, you will know the secret of keeping a relationship new and exciting.

When other relationships are crumbling all around you, you will hold the key to the heart and soul of you man.




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