Intrinsic Motivation in Public Organizations-Priceless


The ability to perform without the slightest desire for tangible reward and recognition is the essence of intrinsic motivation.  Such individuals can work day and night just for the simple joy of work.  While others desire a gift, monetary gain or a promotion, an intrinsic worker performs for a sense of accomplishment and desire for excellence.

In public organizations, the value of an intrinsic worker is priceless. Even though rewards and recognition are available, you, as a manager, or CEO, know that an intrinsic worker is going to do an excellent job despite negative organizational change.

The confidence a company leader has in an intrinsic worker is that he or she is not motivated by the desire for a raise or promotion.  Such individuals are going to perform well in times of prosperity as well as in times of controversy and setbacks

The Message

Intrinsically motivated individuals understand the message that work has value within itself. People who love work for what it’s worth feels proud of what they can add to the success of their company or organization.

intrinsic motivation

Understanding this message and working under its sway makes any employee an irreplaceable treasure for that organization.

An organization with a team of intrinsic employees will likely be highly successful in terms of efficiency and productivity. Such individuals will most likely remain loyal to the company, refusing to abandon ship when upheavals occur.

Intrinsic employees are not just there to receive a paycheck. People who work only to receive a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck may not be so motivated to perform well when things are not going well. I have seen employees walk off the job in the middle of products because things were not going well with the organizations.

Becoming an Intrinsic Worker

Instead of working for tangible reward and recognition, an individual can become an intrinsic worker just by investing in the vision of the organization %100. Own it.  When an employee is invested in mind, heart, and soul in a company, he or she is able to perform at a high level of productivity regardless of the state of the organization.

Even if the company has to perform severe damage control due to some unfortunate event or scandal, an intrinsic worker will still pursue a sense of excellence in his or her work.

To have a sense of organizational ownership, an individual must commit to the growth and development of the organization as well as acknowledge that there will be ups and downs on the journey toward fulfilling the vision.

While fellow co-workers, who have no sense of ownership, complain and blame the organization for the current adversity, an intrinsic individual will be trying to discover innovative ways to resolve problems. He or she will present creative ideas to upper management for possible solutions.

Intrinsic people are always trying to add significant value to their workplace.  Not only do they care about the success of the organization, they also care about the performance of their coworkers.  They encourage, empower and support others. Their sense of ownership gives them this sense of leadership justification.

Obviously, this is the stuff that promotions are founded upon.  Rewards and recognition come in waves to such valuable individuals. Yet they do not give strong attention to such honorary gestures.  If they are promoted, they don’t feel any different than before the change.  Such response is due to their perception that they already own the organization.

Great organizations, including Google, JP Morgan, Tiffany & Co. are full of intrinsic teams whose goal is to exalt the company by keeping customers well pleased.  Leaders hunger for such individuals to be a part of their teams.  A great team of intrinsic workers will carry an organization to the top. Be a part of one of those teams.




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