Life after Launch: Creating Brand Awareness and Greatness


Welcome to life after Launch. Launching a new product or service is only the beginning of making your brand known to a particularly target audience. Getting your business into the mix of a strong and attractive customer base will require time, money and tons of concentrated effort.

First, a new product or service needs a fully developed strategy to create awareness in the world marketplace. The understanding that you must start small is the key. Overnight success shouldn’t be a factor in your new product launch. Unfortunately, many new products fail to make a successful impact on consumers.

The idea for the product or service may have been fully researched and tested. But because of the lack of time and effort in promoting and making adjustments to the brand, it becomes buried in the graveyard of failed products with a million other ideas.


Along the road of product production, adjustments must be made in teams of price, place as well as the product itself.


Beware of the prices of your competitors. Getting the price right requires that you keep an eagle eye of the price setting on rivals with similar businesses. You must know why and when they are adjusting their prices so that you can stay competitive. Customers go where the price is right for their budget and lifestyle.  Price adjustments occur most often during holiday and seasonal changes. Before, during and after the big 3 major holidays-Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years-is when consumer shopping is at an all-time high.


Knowing what area or region to sell your product is extremely important as well. Discovering such information requires knowing where your target audience resides. For example, are the majority of your target audience national or international, in the country or city,  local or in the next town? Or is there a certain section of town-North, South, East, or West-that you need to target. Getting the location or geography right is a necessity if you want to reach a particular target audience needing what you have to offer?

Product Adjustment

Launching a new product or service doesn’t mean everything is going to go smoothly with that brand. The sad fact is that nothing is perfect in the world. That includes your product. For example, often we hear news over the radio or on TV regarding recalls, including automobiles, new consumer gadgets, and even new food brands.

The 2006 Toyota Camera had to be recalled and the problem solved after many complaints regarding break acceleration. Instead of stopping, the car would accelerate whenever a customer would attempt to hit on the breaks.  Several fatalities resulted in such a breaking defect.

Launching new products requires a willingness to take responsibility for the operation of your new invention. You may have to make costly adjustments. Once you have considered the prerequisites before promoting your brand, you are ready for the journey.

10 Powerful Promotional Channels besides TV and Radio

Beside TV and radio, there are tons of inexpensive ways to promote your new product and get the knowledge of your brand’s existence out into the market place. The channels are small but vast.

A Press Release-getting the news out that you have just launched a new product or service to the global audience of consumers can come via a press release. Creating instant awareness of your brand will help accelerate customer response.

Website or blog-composing articles or case studies of how your product or service has or how it will offer a solution to a problem which consumers are facing.  You can even tell you own story of how you got the idea for creating the new product.  You can put this powerful information on your own company website or business blog.

Newsletter-write articles which cover the main details of your new product and link it to the homepage of your website so that visitors can access it right away.  The same thing can be done with other copy, including a white paper or infographic.

Sales presentation-Standing before others and speaking on your feet regarding your product or service is one of the most powerful ways of convincing customers that your product or service is legit. People can see the passion and conviction you possess for your brand.

Participating in an industrial event or speaking engagement also adds credibility to the features and benefits promised to those who purchase what you are offering.

Industrial and Special Events-Handing out flyers, brochures or business cards during industrial and other special events will add to your efforts of creating awareness regarding your company.  New product creators should take advantage of every opportunity available for distributing information regarding their brand. If relevant to your business, other special events, including local, community, town and city events, are fair game for product promotion.


Webinar-creating a webinar that focuses on the features and benefits of your product or service is an inexpensive channel for getting potential customers interested in your company’s offer. A successful webinar requires that you are well-organized and competent in your delivery. You want to be as persuasive as possible to win the hearts of your participants.

Social Media-if you desire to successful promote your brand, you must get with the times. Social media is a hot platform for making your product known. Tweet about your brand, post infographics, and photographs on Pinterest. Give a presentation on YouTube. Millions of people prefer watching and getting information from the video instead of reading 10 to 12 pages of a consumer guide.


Custom Video-if your budget can afford it, you can make a custom video based on a case study surrounding the usage of your product and present it to consumers via seminars or private social invitations.

Email Marketing-if you have a website with a large following of consumers, you can send an email blast introducing your new product or service.  However, if you are a small company, you will have to build your email audience via website or blog promotion page.

A well-constructing landing or sales page on your website regarding the eventual launch of your new product can have the power to persuade thousands of potential customers to sign up in anticipation of your brand.

Slide Share Presentation-if you desire to reach a strong audience of nearly 60 million-strong, you can take advantage of LinkedIn Slide share website and present case studies surrounding the creation and the successful usage of your product or service.

The more people you can reach, the greater awareness you will create regarding your company and brand.

The Long Journey Toward Product or Service Greatness

The journey toward ever increasing product awareness and greatness is long and hard. Discovering you the ideal customer will still require research into the latest trends, calculated risk-taking, assessing the results, asking for more surveys and monitoring the competition for advantage.

However, with focus, constancy, and intensity in promoting your brand via multiple channels, along with the willingness to improve the operation and quality of your merchandise, you will have a great opportunity for establishing a strong and attractive customer base along optimal brand awareness and greatness

Embrace the Lucrative Potential of Life after Launch.



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