Limited Perspective of International Affairs and Other Global Dangers

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A limited perspective in international affairs is an act of ignorance. When we ignore what is going on in the world, then anything can happen. Disaster can come upon us without our knowledge of what is really going on.

Many of us turn off the news after we have heard the local report, caring less about the world news and what is going on at the international level. This is a mistake because whatever happens globally will eventually affect you or me in some way, whether small or large.

For instance, many of us may have ignored news about the inflow of migrants into our nation and considered it as the norm. However, now we have beginning to hear and see that many problems can develop when you allow people into the nation illegally.

Illegal Immigrants and Other Dangers to Peace

One problem is that the crime rate can go up. Many regular citizens have lost their belongings as well as lives to illegal immigrants who were involved in gang violence within their own country. They didn’t change when they got to America; they brought all their negative baggage with them.

However, those who enter the country legally are a blessing to the nation, especially because they are coming to contribute to the character and growth of society.

The Russian, China and Iran Threats

Another danger that is looming is the international contention that the United States has with Russia, China, Iran, Syria and a host of other nations.  Because of such increasing tensions, a conflict or major war could break out at any time, disrupting the peace of the world and shattering our reality of pursuing paradise.

These situations cannot be ignored. They must be confronted by every citizen. None of us can live on an Island alone. The need for an awakening must be acknowledged by all American citizens who desire to participate in the decisions that move the nation forward.

The Power of Voting and Awareness

How we can participate is to simply vote for the leaders who will bring the nation together on one accord when it comes to international affairs.  In unity, there is a opportunity to become greater than ever. Without it the chances of laying a sure foundation for global leadership and prosperity for our children are slim.

Instead of ignoring international affairs, we must recognize that we need to be involved in the things this nation is about to face. We must vote; we must stand up for the rights of American citizens and we must condemn those governments which violate the freedom and happiness of their people. This is how God meant it to be.  You and I are our brother’s keeper.

Become Globally Involved

Pay close attention to the things that are happening globally. Feel the tension and know what could happen. Watch what happens between all the major international players, including Russia, America, China, Iran, Syria and the terroristic groups confronting Israel in the Middle East. Is war imminent?

We may not know, but we must understand the possibility is at the door. If we stick our head in the sand, it may remain there, involuntarily.  Entire nations have been destroyed by their enemies due to the lack of attention giving to the possibility that it could happen to them.

“Together We Stand, Divided We Fall”

However, if the citizens of this country are aware of global happenings, whether good or bad, we will all be able to stand together and endure any threat, disaster or downfall, with the power and unity to rise again, stronger, more powerful, and invincible to failure and defeat.





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