The Worsening Phenomenon of the Trump Administration, and What Must Change

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Another puzzling tweet, an unexpected firing, a continuous routine of minimizing serious issues every day introduces a worsening situation in the Trump Administration.  The problem with such unethical behavior coming out the highest office in the land poses some serious questions and considerations.

Because of a lack of clarity on important issues, including foreign policies, millions of Americans are left angry and confused, both republicans and democrats. If this worsening phenomenon continues, the reputation of America and its people will appear as a joke in the eyes of the world.  The truth is that a nation which cannot stand together will be a nation that is headed for a sudden downfall.

The Answer to the Problem’s of the Oval Office

The Answer to the American problem lies with the occupants of the white house.  Decision making involving image restoration must be a top priority. But attacking a poor political and international image with a new perception will not occur overnight. It will take time and must be performed with sincerity and honesty.

Image-Damage Control

Getting started with political image-damage control must begin at the highest levels of leadership: President-elect Donald Trump. The question is what makes Donald Trump’s presidential image so destructive to the practice of good ethics.

Unbiased observers of this president can agree that Donald’s Trump’s overly and outwardly combative nature against all political competitors, including political opponents, entertainers as well as everyday civilians must stop.

What Must Come to an End?

His minimization of honorable people and historical events must stop in the realization that his dignity as a president is at stake, not only in this country but across the world as well.

At several of the international summits, the chemistry between Donald Trump and other world leaders were non-existence.  But “Unless two or many agree, they cannot walk together.” The danger in this is that no nation is an Island.  Nations need each other as do people.  We service and become strong together.  An isolated nation walks a dam-able path.

A president who has to come to the realization that belittlement and character attacks via Twitter on political opponents will acknowledge that he, the holder of the highest office in the land, has to change his behavior.  The goal is to act presidential and guide the nation into the perception that we all can and will get along quite well.

Emotional Reversal

President Trump, instead of responding negatively to every Twitter or verbal attack on his administration, should always keep the big picture in mind and move forward.  An emotionally established individual will do this with grace and honor.  Such an individual knows that if the right thing is being done, that is all that matters. All it will take care of itself. The truth will be revealed.

Because he has come to the realization that negative verbal combat on the character of other’s is detrimental to his political professionalism as well as the image of the country, Donald Trump will remain unmoved by the thoughts of political opponents.

He must look forward to effective and powerful political engagements, negotiations and compromises with Democrats as well as foreign allies. Both agreements and disagreements must be honored without diminishing attacks.

Presidential resiliency

Resiliency against oppositional attacks is the mark of a president who can send a message of positive change.  Such a response of confidence and poise can transform a worsening phenomenon into a welcoming doorway to reversing reluctant attitudes and opinions toward the current administration in Washington.

Resiliency, and continual positive, although sometimes unpopular actions, in the face of verbal oppositional onslaught are a sign of inner strength and dignity. Not only will such actions command attention from the country but also the world as well.






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