10 Reasons Why Trying New Things is Worth Silver and Gold


Rising to the top of your profession, whether it is fashion or photography requires trying out new experiences and appreciating them. Trying new things transforms us by lifting our consciousness into a new dimension. Once there, we enjoy the results of a new life.

Our lives are measured by how much good we accomplish. Whenever we try something new and succeed in it, we accumulate a pattern of life-changing accomplishments. We develop an impressive image by entering into new experiences and making a difference in the lives of others.

Highly successful people don’t shy away from new things. They embrace them to the fullest, even if it means initial failure.

Trying new things in your profession means embracing challenges and resolving problems. For example, if you desire to move up in your company, you could:

  • Go back to school for management training
  • Introduce a new resolution to an old problem
  • Change an old way of performing a task, leading to greater productivity

The willingness to try new things will take you higher, not only intangible things but also in intangible things. You will develop higher confidence, become more competent and acquire a vast amount of knowledge that will prepare you for a leadership role in your company or organization.

trying new things

The Rewards of Trying New Things

The Reasons for trying new things are vast.  But if you commit to following the advice in this article, you will gain 10 highly significant things:

  • Confidence
  • Recognition
  • Inner joy and happiness
  • Greatness
  • Popularity
  • Invaluable connections
  • Money
  • Powerful relationships
  • Knowledge to Inspire Others
  • Promotion in organizations and communities

Highly effective people of all careers own the above rewards because they dared to move through their fear and shame and try new things. Movie stars, entertainers, athletes, artists, leader of great organizations, great educators and scientist, inventors, politicisms, presidents and all great people in history became exceptional because they didn’t settle in their comfort zones.

Confront Uncertainty and Anxiety

Settling in our comfort zones and embracing mediocre are signs that are afraid of life and the greatness it offers you. Those who avoid confronting uncertainty and anxiety will live a life of inner and outer bondage which they feel that they cannot escape. For example, if you are stuck in a dead-end job in which there is no way forward, but you decide to stay in it because you are afraid you cannot do anything else, you are doomed to stagnation and failure.

You and I probably know many people who are afraid to try new things due to fear of failure, discomfort, inadequacy, shame, and confusion. Their lives are full of complaints, jealousies, and disappointment with life and all that it has to offer.

They would rather remain stagnant in their situation than to move forward against the inner tension within them. You see such people in the workplace as well as in the community.

trying new things

Never Compromise Your Life

Now that you know that the power of trying new things is nonnegotiable, never compromise your life ever again. If you do, you will look back at the final exit and regret that you settled for sameness and mediocre.

Continue to add new experiences to your life on a constant basis. Every hour counts. Before walking out of your house in the morning, commit to this transformation lifestyle.

  • Introduce ways to improve the organization in which you work
  • Commit to meeting new people every day
  • Volunteer to make a difference in the lives of those who need desperate help
  • Give someone a blessing of kindness
  • Make a decision to go back to school
  • Challenge every fear and move through it
  • Determine to Master a craft or skill
  • Organize events to bring people together in your community

The list of new experience is inexhaustible. Write down goals and commit to executing them without reservation.


If you are struggling with fear seek out a mentor for guidance and encouragement. Read books on overcoming the fear of failure. There are tons of self-help books, DVDs, audios, and programs that will assist you in mastering the art of trying new things. One book that helped me tremendously is called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” I am unsure of the author, but googling it will bring it right up.

If you are more on the spiritual side of living, my book the “Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom: The power Beyond Imagination” is a good choice. You will be guided to effectively utilizing the greatness within you to transform your entire reality.

Begin the journey of trying new things. Move forward. Commit to creating new levels of reality on a daily basis.



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