Snow Storm in Brooklyn Center Minnesota

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The snow in Brooklyn Center Minnesota is getting worse by the hour. You can hardly see in front of you due to blowing sheets of stinging snow. People are falling down and injuring their knees and breaking their hands.  Automobiles, on every other street, are getting stuck in wet, heavy snow. The tires are spinning out of control.

Driving will be a complete mess.

If people are not driving carefully and watching out for neighbors, many accidents will occur before the day is done.

The best decision is to proceed slowly with the realization that nothing is more important than the safety and quality of your life. You will feel a sense of peace and safety as you head toward your destination.

When it comes to heavy snow, the city of Brooklyn Center fulfills its responsibility for removing the snow in as little time as possible. But every city has its pros and cons.


Brooklyn Center keeps the parking lots well plowed so that residents will not have a hard time pulling in and out of the tomorrow money. All automobiles must be moved from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the parking cleanout. Designated areas have been provided for all residents of the Melrose Gates Apartments Complex.


People who desire to be daring never stop driving fast and furious. Snow, ice or sleet, these people will drive at the normal speed limit or even faster. They don’t care about their own safety or for the safety of their neighbors.


People who do not care about others are threats to the prosperity of Brooklyn Center.  As long as they are around, there will always be a sense of uncertainty.  We must be vigilant in identifying such people when they strike.


We as citizens of Brooklyn Center have an opportunity to make it a great place for families to settle down and live, snowstorm and all.

The snow has stopped falling, slightly. Now the temperature will dip sharply. The winds will become stronger, creating whiteout conditions as the evening and night take charge. Brooklyn Center Minnesota is that cold snowing place you’ll love to be.



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