The Significance of Gratefulness in My Life


The expression of gratitude creates within us a sense of peace, joy, and contentment regarding our lives and affairs. Although I might not have all the things I desire, I am grateful for many things. All the small experiences, which taught me to see life in its simplest colors, were the most important experiences of all.

First, I am grateful to be in good health, even at the age of 56 years old. On most mornings, I get up feeling pretty refreshed and ready to tackle the day and its challenges. My routine of prayer further energies my mind, body, and soul, keeping me optimistic.

Getting up feeling well and with the proper attitude will give your entire day a boost in performance and productivity at the job.

I am grateful for my wife. Although we have struggled on a financial level, our faith to make it together is still strong. Our loyalty to God and one another has kept us moving forward and reaching higher levels of spirituality year after year.

No relationship, evolving two people or more is perfect. We grow by facing and overcoming the ups and downs of life. Maturity is one of the gifts of strong marriages. By facing and dealing with relational conflicts and settling them, maturity develops.

I am grateful for my job.  Each morning I look forward to going to work and changing the lives of a child. I am a school teacher and I love it. Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing a child that you have taught growing up to be somebody that will contribute to society by helping a lot of people.

When a child grows up to be a doctor, a forensic scientist, or a social worker or minister, you know, as a teacher, you have done your job.

As a teacher, I encourage every educator, before you walk into the classroom, put on the garment of gratefulness that you are the most powerful influencer on that particular day to say or do something that will transform the lives of your students forever.

I am grateful for my friends. I live without others who believe in you and support you would be a life without meaning and purpose.  Our friends are an extension of us. They stand in front of us with outstretched hands, accepting us as we are: flaws and all.

If we feel down and out, I true friend will come and encourage us to believe for the best and look forward to a brighter day. We know then that our friends appreciate us.

Without someone to lean on, we are finished in terms of being truly happy.  The company of friends keeps us surrounded by the most important factor we need to live a life of sanity and wellbeing: Pure Love

All the above expressions of gratitude give my life purpose and meaning wherever I go.   What are you grateful for?


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