Mass Shooting Attacks: 7 Effective Tips for Staying Alive

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The pattern of epidemic mass shootings across American is highly alarming and should be taking seriously by everyone. El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio are two recent tragedies that we will begin to see occur on a regular basis if something isn’t done about gun handling.

In the meantime, we must protect ourselves from becoming victims. If you are depending on the government to protect you, then you are living in an illusion that will eventually disappointment you and leave you in a state of shock, perhaps one day soon. Unexpected mass shooting attacks can happen anywhere and anytime.

7 Tips that will help you survive a Mass Shooting

Being prepared is the most important factor, if you desire to survive a possible attack in your city or community.  Here are 7 Tips that will help you overcome a tragedy such as a mass shooting include:


We are living in a time that requires constant awareness of what it going on around us. This is not the time for carelessly going about our business and pleasure while oblivious to what people are doing in our surroundings.

Wherever we go, we should always look around us to see what people are doing and to see if anyone looks out of place, suspicious or alarming. Mass killers can appear anywhere that security is caught off guard.


We must acknowledge that a mass shooting can occur in our neighborhood, community or small town or city at any time when we are out and about. The refusal to acknowledge that we can be a target, regardless of how safe our surroundings appear, is to live in a world of make-be-leave.

The belief that our environment is untouchable is a myth. Mass shootings have occurred at some of the most unlikely places, including church, movie theaters and festivals. Have fun but always be on the lookout for bad appearances.

Watch Developments

While you are having a good time as well as observing your surroundings, be alert for developments that might require your immediate response. Loud noises which appear to be firecrackers, or rapid clicking noises could indicate the beginning moments of an active shooting spree.

Also, if you hear sudden screams or see people running and taking cover, you should be prepared to do the same.

Warning: if you don’t watch out for unexpected developments, you may become so petrified in the moments of such event, you may freeze out of overwhelming dread and confusion.

Pinpoint a Location

In case of an active shooter, you should have already pinpointed a location you will move to if when such a tragedy takes place. You may have identified a table you can crawl under, a tall tree or bush you can hide behind, or a trail or pathway that allows you to escape from harm.

The idea of having a safe location will give you and your friends a strong possibility of staying alive and safe when the shooting occurs.

Enlist Watchers

If you are part of a big event or if you are hosting the event, enlist relatives and friends to be on the lookout for suspicious looking individuals who are roaming the event or surrounding the area. Many people die in mass shootings because no one is looking or expecting a good time to be interrupted by tragedy.

The more people you have watching, the safer you and your guest will feel and enjoy the event without fear of what might occur.

Storm the Shooter

If you are trapped you may think you have no way out. But never surrender in defeat or freeze up. Storm the shooter, if possible. This may be your last hope for staying alive. Sure, you may get shot, but if you can make the gunman miss the most vital organs in your body, you will have done all you can do to overcome the situation.

Such approach will likely be more successful if two or more people are cornered by the shooter. A fierce and sudden attack upon the shooter can result in disarming him and saving dozens of lives.

Pretend that you are deceased

Many mass shooting victims have survived by playing dead. If you have been shot, make no effort to get up or run, stay there as motionless as possible. The shooter will most likely pass over you due to his or her need to kill as many people as possible before law enforcement arrives.

Living to see another day is worth the fear, pain or anguish you might have to endure for the moment but you will have survived.

Staying alive is the ultimate goal.

Final Conclusion

Mass shootings will continue and grow in frequency as long as gun laws remain weak. Strong gun laws may not eliminate mass shootings and gun violence, but greater gun regulation will drastically reduce the number of victims which die every year via gun violence.

Help Push for greater gun regulation. Join millions of Americans who desire to feel safe and secure in their own country.





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