Natural Disasters and The Coming migration to the Midwest

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Traveling to the east coast to see grandma is becoming more unpredictable as weather conditions become more frightening across the United States. Highly damaging storms in the spring and summer, including Tornadoes and Hurricanes are making it difficult to get to our destinations.

In the fall and winter, you may have to deal with rain, sleet and snow totally 36 inches are more along your journey to see loved ones.

If you are flying, thousands of flights are often cancelled. If you are driving you could get caught trying to escape powerful winds, rain and hail which could result in catastrophic flooding. The possibility of drowning after getting swept away in a flash flood is a sobering reality.

In this year along, there has been multiple natural disasters, including earthquakes and tornado systems that have made residents move out of those areas for good.

The Midwest Influx

As a Midwesterner for the majority of my life I have seen Minneapolis Minnesota swell with people from all across the United States. On any giving morning I can get up out of my bed, walk around the parking lot of my apartment complex and find new neighbors from a variety of places, which range from the Southern and Eastern states of America.

The license plate numbers indicates that people have moved to Minnesota from places such as California, Florida, Texas, and New Orleans, New York and other states experiences a constant sequence of natural disasters.

Reason Why Midwest in the Bullseye

Midwestern states, including Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan are places where people don’t have to deal with the constant threat of life changing disasters. People who experience violent storms, massive flooding, and tornado and hurricane damages year after year end up losing everything more than once.

The consequences of Constant Rebuilding includes:

  • High Levels of Stress
  • Sudden Loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Instability
  • Exhaustion of monetary resources
  • Debt, especially without insurance

Individual who experience the wrath of natural disasters on an ongoing basis are getting tired of repeating upheavals that take away everything that have worked so hard for.

For many, relocating is becoming an attractive option.

Midwestern states are safe from hurricanes and earthquakes. Occasionally, a tremor or the fury of hurricanes may reach these places and cause indirect damage. But for the most part, states such as Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin will provide safe living.

The only problem that people who are used to living in warm climates will encounter is the bitter cold during the height of the winter time. However, to endure such cold conditions will likely be a favorable alternative to living constantly in the jaws of danger and sudden loss.

The likely Hood of Mass Migration

As the threat keep coming to the East and West coasts as well as the southern states, the likely hood of mass migration to the Midwest is possible. Hurricanes can be highly devastating, super storms can wreak havoc and wipe out entire towns, earth quakes can create tsunamis and sink entire states into the ocean. Experts have predicted that these threat of catastrophic storms and earthquakes will become all the more frequent in the coming days, months and years.

I personally, welcome the migration to the Midwest. However, my concern is with the likely result of massive overcrowding and competition for jobs and housing. Overcrowding could result in a social-economic nightmare.

Hopefully, local and state leaders as well as Washington will have a plan laid out for basic survival for Midwest state overwhelmed by the coming migration.





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