The Trump Administration: THE Good Vs the Bad

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Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. He was elected Commander and Chief in 2016, November, following the Obama Administration. Some say that his election was a sham due to Russian interference. Nevertheless, he is the president.

The impact of His influence is felt throughout the world. Russia, China, Iran and many other nations are under His judgement. Sanctions has been placed on a several nations, including the ones just mentioned.

Presently, The Trump administration is in a Trade War with china. Both countries are feeling the sting of tariffs but neither refuses to budge. What will happen to the state of the economy will be determined in the coming days, weeks, and months, if not years?

The election of Trump and his initiatives have created a number of dramatic situations, some good and some bad.

The Good

If I start with the good that has come out of this administration, I will have to mention the state of employment. The United States has experienced the lowest job rate in years: below 4 percent. That along is something to be happy about. Low unemployment rates means that a strong economy is in operation. People who desire to work are finding jobs and working.

Another good things about this administration is its stance on foreign policies. The world has witnessed a tougher America which has decided to protect its own interest above that of other nations. Many people feel that this is a good thing. They believer putting America first will make the country great again.

However, nations appear to respect our country much more than that did under the Obama administration, even though I liked Obama: an exciting president. But I am also content with a president who isn’t afraid to push other nations to the point of fairness.

In terms of medical, President Trump eradicated the medical penalty for not having insurance, a disadvantages for poor people who couldn’t afford healthcare, regardless of its affordable price.

I am also glad that the “pre-condition” aspect of the Obama healthcare plan was kept in place so that people with serious medical issues can receive treatment despite of their urgent condition. These things are home runs and key highlights for the president.

The Bad

However, the bad ideas that are coming out of this administration isn’t the stuff to be proud of. Presidential tweets that demean and disparage others who are American citizens are not the making of an excellent president.

The role model value in this president appear to be nonexistent at times. The mocking, name calling, and criticizing and blaming others are non-valuable behaviors. The great ones were also aware of the importance of displaying good values.

Trump’s battle with women, cultures and his association with radical groups decreases his potential greatness as president of the free world.

Other ideas, including the building of the wall, the protection of Israel, and the abandonment of the nuclear treaty with Russia are actions that must be taken to insure stability and safety for this nation, regardless of how cold it may appear. Overcrowding can destroy the economy of a nation and create massive unemployment.

Ignoring nuclear violations can result in surprise attacks, the likes of which the united States have never experienced before, causing sudden destruction.

For this president to become great and make America great again, he must abandon his twitter account and keep his personal ideas all to himself. Must of the damage to his character has come from careless words and tweets which draw strong responses from rivals across the world?

Doing the right things and leaving a legacy that all Americans can be proud of is the duty of every man or woman who is privilege to enter and reside in the dignity and beauty of Oval Office.


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